Computer Addiction (Sylgon Jay Sanoy)

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Computer Addiction (Sylgon Jay Sanoy)

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Computer Addiction
(Sylgon Jay Sanoy)

This generation a 21st century we are now relying our daily needs in computer devices specially in school activities. Computer addiction may cause of online illegal gambling, an online shopping problems, web surfing or even obsessive computer programming.

If you spend more time in computer that a sign of addiction, experience distress because of the computer. If the computer interfere with your obligation that addiction to the computer. Computer addiction is one of the main problem of our society facing right now. There is a treatment to the people who are addicted in computer understand the addiction in the control to yourself. Computer addiction can be describe as the excessive or compulsive use of the computer which persist despite serious negative consequence to personal, avail or occupation function. According to Student Counseling Center” people using at repeatedly as their main stress reliever instead of having a variety of ways to cope with negative events and feelings. “ Every individual use computer for their daily needs, but when spend more time in the computer that is a computer addiction that may cause a negative impact to yourself and your health.
Which type of computer addiction is responsible for must computer addicts? According to Jerome Carter ‘’ many different internet computer activities it is very difficult to pinpoints. Exactly which one is the cause of must addictive.’’ There is five types of computer addiction the first one is online games. Online games are common cause of computer addiction. Every online games consist of multi-players via the internet, that’s why every people who would pay a online game are very addictive because it so fun and could relax your mind if you are tired. According to Dave Spohn ‘’ the history of internet gaming, includes significant development in computer games, console games and internet technology.’’ 1969 the year where the first online games is being installed and now in the 21st century the old online games has been upgraded now to the very latest version of online game. Chat room is the one to communicate our family outside the country, conversation with our friends and relatives. Hundred millions of people use chat rooms daily. it is fun for millions of people. There are lots of conventional chat rooms like software for the larger chat companies, for instance yahoo messenger and MSN messenger alas that is a some example of chat in the web there is so many kinds of messenger in the web if you want. According to Margaret Rouse ‘’ a chat rooms is the a web site, part of a web site, or part of an online services such as American online, that provides a venue for communicate of user with a communicators to communicate in real time.’’ Online shopping can be form of every kinds of product a original product. There is a person who is addicted to buy items from the online shopping. According to the law dictionary it is taken from the web site online shopping means ‘’to purchase of product and services on the internet’’ the online shopping has increasingly popularly, due to convenience and often lower price. That why there is so many consumer who buy via online shopping beside of its low price , it is also save individual hassle of searching several stores and wait for a long time. Facebook is one of a very popular online web site in the whole world where hundreds of millions people using this site. Many people using this site to communicate their family outside even though there far away from each other, but some of the users of facebook is not using it properly they use facebook for scam other people or like posting a fake news that somehow believable. According to Margaret Rouse ‘’ facebook is a free social networking website ths at allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.’’ The last one example of online computer addiction is online gambling. Online gambling is one of the most damaging of all computer addiction. These millions of dollar a year businesses make their money sucking addict of their money. Online gambling may cause of your failure, sale their own properties to continue that game and to win what they lost in the last game.

Sign and symptoms of being addicted to computer.
We know that the person who is addicted to computer had surface any kind of disease and health disorder. Some who have addicted to computer couldn’t sleep if they could not play there gadgets or use there gadgets, because computer could make you relax that’s why many individual using computer.
Sign of Computer Addiction
• Preoccupation with computer either online or offline.
• Felling a boring desire to go online or to use the computer to play a game, to socialize or to develop programming code.
• Telling lies to your family about the activities that perform while on the computer, such as saying that you are now working your homework while you are actually playing a games.
• Any use of the computer as an escape from your feelings
Symptoms of computer addiction
• Do you spend more time that you do with your family.
• Do you make time for computers rather than taking times spend with your friend.
• You are late to family events or late for homework.

We as the 21st century learners, we are advance in all electronic devices and other gadgets, we can do what we want in terms of using electronic devices. You must avoid yourself from being addicted to computer like online computer games and online website. You must avoid it using it because it could interfere with your life and business that could take you to failure if you are steel studying. Use computer wisely make a good future in this 21st century. Use computer if you need it in researchers of school purpose.

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